SEAL Family Foundation Announces Partnership with SEAL Future Foundation to Provide $100,000 Grant to Assist SEALs Pursuing Study at Colleges and Universities

San Diego, CA – April 5, 2017 – SAN DIEGO, CA — April 5, 2017 — The SEAL Family Foundation today announced that it will support the SEAL Future Foundation through a $100,000 grant for its Scholarship Program which assists SEALs pursuing study at accredited colleges and universities. The SEAL Family Foundation, based in San Diego, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that raises awareness and funds for special programs in direct support of the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) families on a local, national and global scale. The SEAL Future Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that prepares active duty and veteran Navy SEALs for success in the civilian world.

The grant will help to remedy a situation encountered by many veterans while pursuing higher education. Although veterans have access to government financial aid benefits such as the GI Bill, pursuing a degree often results in expenses that are not covered by financial aid, particularly when a veteran is without employment income while studying full time. Also, government financial aid programs often do not fully fund the cost of studying at elite private colleges. The Seal Future Foundation established its Scholarship Program in 2014 to address the financial challenge of pursuing a degree and now awards up to ten scholarships of $10,000 each per academic year.

“We are honored to provide this important grant to the Seal Future Foundation. They provide a much-needed service that supports the service member’s transition to the private sector” said William R. Fenick, CAPT, USN (Ret). “We know this can be a challenging time for the families and this joint effort will assist the family with the pressures they face at during a time of change. We look forward to working closely with the Seal Future Foundation as we continue to assist in the development of resilient families in Naval Special Warfare.”

The SEAL Family Foundation continues to provide the Naval Special Warfare Commands with coordinated programs designed to meet the needs of today’s force and families. Aside from the programs that focus on spouses, kids, families, homecomings, and emergencies, the Foundation is incorporating a transition assistance capability for those operators who are leaving service. Helping with this transition is a new need that requires support and the SEAL Family Foundation is here to assist with this challenge.

“We could not be more honored to partner with our friends at the SEAL Family Foundation, we share the same mission of promoting the success of Navy SEALs and their families” said SEAL Future Foundation President Paul Polakowski III. “Since our expansion to San Diego in November of 2015, our programs and services have expanded dramatically and the number of SEALs with whom we work increases daily. This grant from the Family Foundation allows us to further expand our programs and services and better serve the SEAL Community.”

About SEAL Family Foundation
The SEAL Family Foundation ( supports individual and family readiness through an array of programs specifically targeted to assist the Naval Special Warfare community in maintaining a resilient, sustainable, and healthy force in this era of persistent conflict and frequent deployments. With SEALs, their ability to stay fit and focused determines the success of every mission. Part of our job is to facilitate that focus by ensuring every SEAL knows his family is, and will be taken care of. Our motto is “Taking care of THEIR family while they protect OURS.” SEAL Family Foundation programs include Family Resiliency and Services, Children’s Special Needs, Bereavement Support, Transition Assistance, Counter Deployment, Global Outreach, Emergency Assistance and Wounded Warriors Care.

About the SEAL Future Foundation
The mission of the Seal Future Foundation ( is to prepare transitioning Navy SEALs for a civilian life of purpose. The SEAL Future Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a comprehensive suite of free lifetime resources to prepare active duty and veteran SEALs for success in the civilian world. The Seal Future Foundation offers four main transition services: Goal Assessment, Educational Assistance, Professional Development and Career Building. The SEAL Future Foundation is located in both New York, NY and San Diego, CA and serves SEALs, globally.

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