A Message From Our CEO

In an effort to keep our SFF family abreast of the latest successes of our programs, provide updates on upcoming events and to share the vision of our team, we are pleased to kickoff our first quarterly newsletter.  We thought today would be the perfect day to launch our newsletter as we prepare to celebrate our Independence.  As we watch the “bombs bursting in air” tonight, take a moment to reflect on the soldiers and sailors before us who gave the ultimate sacrifice to secure our freedom.  Also, please take a moment to realize the impact that your service has had on the mission of supporting transitioning SEALs and their families as they continue to live with purpose.  The effect that your generosity and support has had on our SEAL families and the greater family that we call the SEAL Future Foundation cannot be overstated and for that, we are grateful.  On this special day we THANK YOU and LLTB!

Program Update

During the first half of 2018, the SFF continued to experience the same strong demand for our programs that we witnessed in 2017.  During the first six months of the year, the SFF welcomed 68 new SEALs into our programs and as of June 30th we are proud to have supported 266 SEALs since inception.  Fulfilling a long held objective, the SFF expanded to Virginia Beach in early 2018 and we are proud to report that nearly 20% of the SEALs we support are based in Virginia Beach.  As you may know, the largest community of SEALs is in Virginia Beach and we expect to support an increasing number of East Coast based SEALs this year.

We are pleased to report that 100% of the SEALs we support continued to transition successfully to civilian life, either by pursuing education or beginning a new job.  During the first half of the year, the SFF directly placed SEALs in full time roles and internships at leading companies such as Blackstone, Illumina, Aquline, and Goldman Sachs.  Our SEALs were admitted to highly prestigious degree programs, many pursuing MBAs from top institutions such as Wharton, Harvard, MIT and Stanford.  Our SEALs also pursued education at innovative academic programs such as the Harvard Program for Leadership Development and the Masters in Business for Veterans (MBV) at the University of Southern California.

In April we announced our 5th annual Scholarship Program which has been expanded to support not only degree programs, but non-degree executive programs and certifications and other professional education.  The application period ends on August 31 and we have experienced significant demand for scholarships, with 60 applications submitted thus far.  In 2017 we granted 15 scholarships for a total of $145,000 and with your generous support, we hope to be in a position to award more scholarships this year.

Last but not least, building community for SEALs across the country is perhaps our most important program.  Our unique communities of SEALs and civilians in each metropolitan area, the FOB or Forward Operating Base, continue to serve as the foundation for transition success.  During the first half of 2018 we established FOBs in Virginia Beach, Pittsburgh and Greenville, SC and we plan on establishing new FOBs in Chicago, Seattle and Austin during the second half of this year.

We cannot understate the impact of your support on the success of SEAL transition and we look forward to an even stronger second half of 2018.

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