SEAL Future Foundation’s 1st Annual Specter Series took place over two days in San Diego, California. On October 25-26th 2018, three former Teammates, one being SFF CEO Jonathan Wilson, did a sky dive into the Pacific Ocean, swam 2 miles onto the beach in Coronado, CA, and then ran 100 miles throughout San Diego wearing plate carriers. From start to finish it took the team over 30 hours to get the job done. There were definitely trials and tribulations throughout the event ranging from a weather hold on the jump, to swimming with one fin in a ripping ebb tide, to blisters the size of a golf balls but at the end of the day there was only one option and nothing was going to stop the team from completing the mission. The event finished off with a celebration party at McP’s Irish Pub in Coronado with live music by Electric Mud. The team was beyond grateful for the race day volunteers, the sponsors in preparation for the race, or the SFF network that stepped up and donated to the cause.

The purpose of the Specter event was to raise awareness about the struggles associated with veteran transition and raise money to help assist with these issues. Funds raised from the campaign went to support both the full suite of transition programs offered by the Seal Future Foundation (SFF) as well as the Brain Treatment Foundation. Partnerships with the Brain Treatment Foundation and other leading programs and resources will be the foundation of the new SFF Warrior Health Network.

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