South Carolina Shooting Event Benefiting SEAL Future Foundation

What: South Carolina Shooting Event Benefiting SEAL Future Foundation
Where: The Saw Mill Laurens, SC
When: May 29, 2020

Watch the event video here!

The event will consist of 4 different stages:

  1. House Clearing 
    • You will learn room clearing 101
    • This is a rescue op, there will be dark rooms, smoke, diversion and live action. You will have to move through as a group to complete the mission. Good Luck!
  2. Full Auto & M203 Grenade Launcher
    • Enjoy shooting fully automatic weapons and a grenade launcher at 100-200 yard vehicle targets.
    • M203 will be smoke and concussion rounds
  3. Mile Target & 50 Cal Rifle
    • Take a shot at a 1 mile target with the 300 Win Mag.
    • You will receive a mile shot coin if you hit the target!
    • Shoot a 50 Cal at a vehicle target at a 1000 yards.
    • 101 Long Range class with Navy SEAL Snipers.
  4. Medic & Air Evacuation 
    • Learn how to use your Med Kit, a tourniquet, etc. with Navy SEAL medics
    • Learn how to call in a medical air evacuation plan .

There will be 4 groups made of 15 people. Each group will move to stages together in a military troop transport vehicle. At each stage there will be a Team a Veteran Navy SEALs who will give you quick stage briefs and will be with your group for the entire stage!

Make sure you sign up quick, only 60 spots are available for the event!