The Mission

Every year a team of former frogmen will do a grueling physical evolution to raise awareness about the issues associated with Veteran Transition.

This year three former Teammates will skydive into the Pacific ocean, swim 2 miles onto Coronado, CA, and run 100 miles wearing plate carriers throughout San Diego. They will have 24ish hours to finish the event.

The Purpose

Raise awareness about the struggles associated with veteran transition and raise money to help assist with these issues.

Support the Mission

Funds raised for this campaign will support both the full suite of transition programs offered by the Seal Future Foundation (SFF) as well as the Brain Treatment Foundation.  This campaign will also support the identification and exploration of the best programs and resources in the mental, physical and family health space for SEALs.  Partnerships with these programs and resources will be the foundation of a new SFF Warrior Health program in development.

Online Auction

Use the link below to bid on the custom, Specter Series Half Face Blades Knife carried by Veteran Navy SEAL, Jonathan Wilson throughout the grueling race.


Use the link below to donate any amount to the campaign.

Track Campaign Progress

Event Timeline - Thursday, October 25

AM: 1140

Wheels up from Drop Zone

PM: 1200

Commence water skydive into Pacific Ocean

PM: 1201

Commence 2 Mile Ocean Swim

PM: 1400

Start 100 Mile Run

Event Timeline - Friday, October 26

AM: 0000

Continue 100 Mile Run

PM: 1730

ENDEX @ McPs Irish Pub in Coronado with live music by Electric Mud – register HERE

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About Electric Mud

Electric Mud is Marc Hansen, Matty Hansen, Matt Sorena and Colton Cori.

Two brothers, Marc and Matty, started out from NYC and left for sunny San Diego where they joined the U.S. Navy. That’s where they met Colton Cori. Jamming on their free time, they eventually decided to make it a full-time band. Marc and Matty called up their cousin, Matt Sorena, who quickly moved out from the east coast where he was finishing up his degree in music therapy.

Now with Cousin Matt on bass, Colton Cori on guitar, Matty on drums and Marc on guitar and vocals, Electric Mud is grinding it out with their own sound influenced heavily by the old rocknroll bands of the 60s and 70s.

Visit to learn more.

Join us on the afternoon of October 26th as we celebrate at McPs Irish Pub & Grill with live music by Electric Mud!

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