More SEAL Stories

The warrior culture of the SEAL teams says “no matter how bad things get, we’ll figure it out.” But when you’re by yourself as a civilian it’s completely different.

After 13 years of active duty, I faced divorce and became a single dad. I was forced to leave my dream job four months out from opening coffee shop because it didn’t provide the security I needed as a single dad. Failure is not something SEALs are used to. It got dark real fast—the darkness comes from everything we’ve seen over the years setting in when we’re away from the teams and looking for support from people who haven’t been there, don’t understand, and never will.

SFF literally saved my life. Paul and Jonny talked me off the ledge, gave me some momentum to fight back, take care of my son and grow. SFF made me realize that I wasn’t going to make my transition work if I couldn’t balance myself from being inside out. Mental and emotional care were the pivotal points for me and my family. Coming into the ecosystem of SFF gave me a community of SEALs again. It allowed me to be open and honest and admit that I needed to work on myself. We can’t be the baddest, strongest men around if we aren’t mentally stable. It is fixable, but it has to be addressed before we can apply the same values, devotion, and work ethic we did as SEALs.

—Robert M.