Community Pillar

The comprehensive components of SFF Community Transition Support



  • Profound isolation after the strong bonds of the Teams
  • Civilian difficulty empathizing with the SEAL experience
  • Finding a sense of service and purpose

SFF Provides

  • A means for SEALs to remain connected to each other after the Teams
  • SFF Forward Operating Bases (or FOBs) in major cities across the country. FOBs are local organizing points for SEALs and civilians to unite to network and support each other. Upon transition, every SEAL is placed in a FOB so that he and his family are instantly incorporated into a new community.


Active FOBs nationwide, and counting

After 15 years in a brotherhood where community, team and service meant everything, I found myself at an incredibly successful investment banking firm where profit trumped purpose. The culture was completely different, but had every intention of being a success. That’s not what happened. I was lost and faced failure. My employer was sympathetic, my family supportive, but I just didn’t belong and couldn’t articulate the challenges. No one could help me. My only option was reenlistment. I was happy and content back in the Teams, until I wasn’t. It wasn’t sustainable. I needed my family and I needed that family to co-exist with a community that could support me the way the brotherhood had.