Education Pillar

The comprehensive components of SFF Education Transition Support



  • Need for additional education and training
  • Limited awareness of academic paths, processes, and resources
  • Tuition costs

SFF Provides

  • Education roadmap by SFF Mentor with input from partners at top institutions
  • Admissions counseling and test preparation
  • Access to skills certification and courses in trades and entrepreneurship
  • Scholarship programs


SEALs assisted in pursuing advanced education

My exit from the SEALs was based on school. I finished my undergraduate degree while serving, prepped for GMAT and went right into an MBA from the Teams.  If I’ve learned anything from the brotherhood, it’s that SEALs will seize an opportunity and succeed. The problem is, if you ask a team guy what they want to do in the civilian world, most won’t know. The majority have performed phenomenally in many  areas. They’re smart and driven, but they’re always training, always deploying. By the nature of the work they aren’t exposed to a lot—no networking, mixers, or leveraging relationships to get a foot in the door.  SFF is critical because it understands the mindset of the SEAL and how to line up scholarships and opportunities to help them excel. Few have the resources to get on an educational path—their skills aren’t translated beyond service.