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Setting goals for your new horizons

SEALs are so tactically proficient because of their adherence to acquiring, honing and ultimately perfecting new skills. This doesn’t stop when they leave the Teams. The SFF works with SEALs to understand their goals – and then calls upon our members, coaches, and alumni networks to help the SEAL overcome any educational barriers that may stand in their way.

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Application + essay guidance

SEALs work with our educational coaches to craft their applications to ensure they capture the value their military experience can lend to any academic program or institution.

Financial Aid

The SFF connects the SEAL to the many scholarship opportunities available to them – to help them overcome any financial barriers that might stand in the way of their educational goals.

Alumni Networking

The SFF network stretches across the country and overlaps most of the major universities and colleges. We connect prospective students with SEAL and civilian alumni to get “boots on the ground” information, guidance, and assistance.


Setting you up for success

“The SEAL Future Foundation has been outstanding in supporting my transition from the Teams to civilian life. When I first called to discuss my future goals, they were on top of it—connecting me with the key personnel able to help assist me in attaining my goals. After expressing my desire to get an MBA and start a family business, within one day I was connected with a network of alumni and current students from distinguished MBA Programs.”

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