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Since 9/11, not a day has gone by that a SEAL Team hasn’t been forward deployed down range actively in the fight against our nation’s enemies. The focus, stamina and fortitude required to maintain that operational tempo over the past two decades comes with a cost that many SEALs carry into their lives long after they’ve left the battlefield both mental and physical. The SFF’s Health Pillar is built and run by former SEAL medics to educate and facilitate all modalities of medicine from traditional, eastern, and alternative to address all their needs and backed by a Health Board of renowned physicians and clinical researchers. All while removing the need for a SEAL to go through predatory practices and mass marketing and instead using both unbiased scientific data as well as pushing the boundaries for futuristic application of treatments that target underlying issues instead of masking symptoms. A truly one of a kind experience with unlimited support and a representative and clinician they can trust.

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The SFF Health Program is the most innovative and needs-based medical program in the USA. We cut through the red tape by reducing medical exhaustion and predatory practices.


Our innovative and distinct approach leverages life experience, medical history and current symptoms to develop a plan that leverages historical data and outcomes, using traditional and alternative medical treatments that are calibrated to the unique needs of the individual.

Next-Gen treatments

Treatment offerings through our clinics across the nation span from peptides and hormone replacement therapies, Stellate Ganglion Blocks, Psychedelics, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments, and using regenerative medicine modalities like stem cells and exosomes to target TBI problems and physical injuries and many many more.



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